How To Refinish Wood Floors

How To Refinish Wood Floors

Wood floors make the interior of a house look beautiful. The best part of having wooden flooring is Wood Floorsthat you don’t necessarily have to carpet them. In fact, the wood floors look spectacularly beautiful.  However, you may have to refinish the wood floor from time to time.

The wood floors are usually finished soon after fixing them. But, you can refinish them as and when required. The process of wood floor refinishing is simple and can be done by anyone. It is always best to do your research to make sure you fully understand the process, and how it relates to the exact wood floors that you have in your home.

To refinish wood floor you would need hand gloves, buffing rags, roller, polyurethane, and stain for the wood floor. Shift all the furniture to another room and take off curtains and rugs or anything lying on the floor. Mop the floor in one run with a buffing rag. This step is important to prepare the floor for staining. Mop the floor lightly without saturating it. After moping leave the floor for 30 minutes or until the wood has dried up completely.

Once the wood is dry, apply stain on the floor. Wear plastic gloves, sit on your toe and damp a piece of rag in the stain. Start from the far corner of the room and apply evenly on the entire floor. Use a clean buffing rag to remove any excess layer of stain. The wood at first may look light in color but once stain dries up it will start looking dark.

Let the stain sit on the floor for some time and later apply oil-based polyurethane. Keep windows and doors open for ventilation as you apply polyurethane. The polyurethane has a pungent smell that may give you a headache. Apply poly using a roller. If possible leave the room for 24 hours or until the floor has dried up completely.

You can move in the furniture when the floor has dried up. Invite your friends and loved ones at your home and surprise them with the new flooring. Check out the video below to learn how to refinish the wood floor.

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