Interior Painting Tips For Beginners

Painting the interiors of the house may seem like a tiring task. It can be made fun and action thrilled with the right painting strategies. Every painter has his/her own method of painting. For a professional, painting a house may be a piece of cake. But for beginners, it can be an extremely exhausting job. A neophyte can find it difficult to paint around windows, switch plates and more. These hurdles, however, can easily be overturned with simple interior painting tips discussed here.

The interiors of a house have many obstacles when it comes to painting. These obstacles can be the furniture, window coverings and more. The furniture of the house should either be removed or covered with cloth to avoid any paint stains.  Interior painting, in fact, calls for greater attention and care.

Prior to beginning to paint cover all the furniture, carpet and everything that is prone to getting strains with a drop cloth. Clean the walls with a damp piece of cloth and wait for them to dry before painting. Any nail hole in the wall should be filled with putty and smoothed over with a putty knife.

Any surface adjacent to the wall such as door frames, cupboards, ceiling and windows should be masked with painter’s tape.  After taking the precautions to prevent paint stain, open the paint boxes and empty them in a bucket. Each paint box may have a slight variation in colour tone. Opening all the paint boxes in a bucket would provide you even color tone on all the walls.

Dip the paint roller and let is absorb the paint. Move the roller forward and backwards in the bucket to ensure that it gets nicely dripped in the paint. Take out the paint roller and let any excess paint drop into the bucket.

Using the paint roller, start painting the walls from next to a corner. Move the roller up-and-down the wall. Finish painting one wall before moving to another. When done, let the paint dry and apply the second coat of the paint. Once done, the newly painted walls will enhance the beauty of your house.

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