Granite Edges: What are Your Options?

Granite Edges: What are Your Options?

Granite EdgesWhen installing new granite countertops for your kitchen or bathroom, you can choose from available colors that will perfectly match the rest of your home. Aside from the overall layout and design of the countertops, as well as its color, you can further customize by choosing granite edges.

It is highly important to work with a licensed contractor when installing new granite countertops. Aside from the fact that they can ensure that the materials used are of the highest quality, they can also help cut and shape granite according to the design you desire. In addition, you may request edges that can significantly affect the look of your countertops.

The contractor you’ll be working with will most likely show you their portfolio or a list of edges that you can choose from. More often than not, granite edges are divided into three major categories: basic edges, premium edges, custom edges. Note that the availability of granite edges still depends on the contractor you’re working with.

Basic ones include straight edges, round top and bottom, ¼ round, and bevel. These basic edges usually cut a minimal amount of granite from the ends to create a specific shape. Premium edges include full, half, and demi bullnose, as well as bevel top and bottom. More complicated edges that usually cost a bit more are found in the custom edges category. These include the cove, ogee, ogee bill, cove Dupont, cove ogee, flat ogee, and waterfall.

To learn more about these granite edges and what would look best on your kitchen or bathroom countertops, seek advice from your local contractor.

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