The Essentials of Patio Furniture Cleaning

The Essentials of Patio Furniture Cleaning

Patio Furniture CleaningBecause they’re exposed to varied weather conditions outdoors all year round, patio furniture needs extra care and maintenance. They may get damaged over time due to dirt, dust, moisture, and other pollutants. In order to keep them beautiful through the years, property patio furniture cleaning is essential.

Outdoor furniture can cost you a lot of money, especially if you buy those made with high-quality materials. However, high-quality materials do not guarantee fewer maintenance requirements. Without proper cleaning methods, you may end up with damaged furniture and have to spend even more money on repairs and replacement.

Here are some tips on patio furniture cleaning that you can keep in mind.

1. Wooden Furniture Care: Seal the natural appearance of your wooden patio furniture by conditioning it with teak oil and combination of natural oil. Condition the wooden furniture before the onset or change of the season. This will add an extra protective layer to your furniture from sun and rain damages.

2. Outdoor Fabric: The outdoor fabric such as those in cushions attracts dust and call for high maintenance. Regular dusting of the cushion with a soft bristled brush can prevent accumulation of dust and pollen on the cushions. Cushions in open areas such as gardens may require frequent dusting as compared to cushion in a screened-in porch.

3. Spray Paint Plastic and Metal Furniture: Outdoor furniture appearance fades out over time due to extreme exposure to sun, cold weather, and rain. You can change the look of old furniture with the help of spray paint. Spray painting can bring new life to your furniture at a very cheap cost.

4. Check Hardware: Check on the hardware such as nuts, bolts, screws and more at least three to four times in a year. This will help you know which furniture needs repairing or replacement. Because these are mostly made of metal, they can get rusty over time.

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