The Advantages and Disadvantages of Built-In Furniture for Your Home

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Built-In Furniture for Your Home

Built In FurnitureWhen building a new home or redesigning your existing one, you have to give importance to the kinds of furniture you will be placing inside your living space. While shopping for new furniture is always exciting, many home owners opt to get built-in furniture instead.

Freestanding pieces of furniture are those that you can move around. For example, most dining tables are free standing since you can move them from one spot to another. Couches, coffee tables, TV stands, consoles and other similar furniture are considered freestanding too.

On the other hand, built-in furniture, also known as fitted furniture, are those that are already attached to the structure of your home. A kitchen cabinet placed above your cooking area is most likely a built-in furniture. Most closets found in walk-ins are built-in too. Your kitchen counters are ideally built-in pieces as well.

While both freestanding and built-in furniture have their own advantages and disadvantages, we’ll take a closer look at the pros and cons of fitted ones. Read on and hopefully this will help you come up with a great decision on what type of furniture you should get.

Advantages of Built-In Furniture

  • Built to Last – More often than not, built-in furniture are extra durable and should withstand the test of time. Since these don’t get moved around a lot, it suffers little damage because of mishandling. Furthermore, you can choose to work with a reliable contractor who can let you choose the type of materials used to build your furniture to ensure that you’re getting the best quality possible.
  • Space Saver – Since built-in furniture are already fitted into your home’s structure, you don’t need to look for an extra spot where you should place your furniture. Especially if you’re getting built-in cabinets and shelves, your furniture can offer a whole lot of storage space without making your living space feel cramped.
  • Unique Pieces – If you don’t want pieces of furniture that look like someone else’s, built-in furniture is a better choice for you. These fitted pieces are designed specifically for your home’s layout. While designs can be similar to others, built-in pieces are uniquely made just for you.
  • Matches Your Interiors – If you want your furniture to match the rest of your home, then you need to get built-in pieces. These fitted pieces blend in to your home’s interior design and wouldn’t look out of place.
  • Customized Designs – While uniqueness has already been mentioned, customization is also a great feature brought by built-in furniture. You can request for a specific design that you prefer when getting this kind of furniture built.
  • Greater Value for Your Home – If in case you plan on reselling your property in the future, the value of your built-in furniture comes with it. An empty home versus one that already has built-in furniture will certainly have a difference in their price tags.

Disadvantages of Built-In Furniture

  • Future Changes Can Be Challenging – The design can get boring or even out of style in the future but there’s nothing much you can do when you have built-in furniture. If you don’t want to live with its existing design, you may have to ask a contractor to remove it and build a new one.
  • You Can’t Rearrange It – If you’re the type who likes rearranging furniture a lot, then built-ins won’t work for you. The furniture is already fitted to your home’s structure and it will have to stay there.
  • You Have to Leave It When You Move – You can’t resell it or take it along with you when you move. Your built-in furniture will certainly have to stay behind.

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