5 Tips to Save Space in a Small Apartment

5 Tips to Save Space in a Small Apartment

Save Space in Small ApartmentIf you’re moving into a small apartment soon, you’re probably worried about how you can fit all of your things in. With all the furniture and personal effects you may have, tips to save space can certainly be useful for you. Nowadays, minimalism has become a trend. However, there are still many necessities that you simply can’t leave out.

Because home rental fees and mortgages are quite high, many of us have to settle into tiny apartments. But small homes can be very comfortable to live in too! Especially if you find a way to organize your things the best way possible, you’ll find yourself in a lovely and convenient home very soon.

Here are 5 tips you can consider to save space in a small apartment:

1. Maximize built-in furniture.

If the apartment you moved into already has built-in furniture such as countertops, kitchen islands, etc., use them wisely. For instance, if there’s just one or two of you in that apartment, you can turn your kitchen countertop as your makeshift dining table so you won’t have to get another one. Just get a couple of high chairs for your convenience while dining.

2. Avoid buying new things you don’t really need.

If you consider yourself a shopaholic, stop that right now. Even if it’s just another pair of shoes you don’t plan on wearing often or a new console table you adore but don’t really need, just don’t buy them anymore. Even the smallest things will take up space and when you continue buying, these things will build up through time. Before you know it, you’re trapped in a mountain of not-so-useful things in your small apartment.

3. Donate or sell things you have but don’t use.

Frequently de-clutter. Do it at least twice every year. Things you haven’t used in the past 6 months or so can be donated or sold. If you didn’t use them for that long, you probably don’t need them.

4. Use overhead storage.

Shelves and cabinets can be installed on overhead space. Instead of buying freestanding furniture, opt for ones that can be placed in higher areas so they won’t take up floor space anymore.

5. Organize. Organize. Organize.

Keep your things organized. Clutter will make your apartment look and feel cramped. Keep your space clean and you’ll find that living in a tiny apartment is not too bad after all.

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